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There is so much talk today about holistic pet care products. Everyone is interested in any form of natural remedies for our pets.

We know holistic medicine has been around for centuries, and that many of the cures are proven to be safe and can work.

What are they?

Do they work?

Are they safe?

When it comes to our pets we want treatments that will help our pet heal and not have dangerous side effects.

There is nothing worse for a pet owner, trying to heal your pet and you give them something that makes them sick.

So many of the new products available at your vets office and at pet stores have very strong drugs and chemicals inside of them.

Naturally, when our pet has any serious illness we would never hesitate taking them to the vet, because that is the correct action to take.

However, for a variety of problems your pet may get that are not serious it would be nice to have an option of a natural home remedy.

There are natural home remedies to cure your pets of arthritis, diarrhea, and parasites such as fleas, ear mites and heartworms.

Most use ingredients found in your home, from vitamin E and mineral oil, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt baths, and many herbal supplements.

The advantage to using natural home remedies is many.

Because they only have natural ingredients in them, they do not cause dangerous side effects when used properly. By that, I mean Dogs and Cats care very different.

Cats cannot tolerate what dogs can. Therefore, some natural ingredients like garlic for example.

Garlic is a great treatment to cure your dog and cats of fleas.

The one BIG difference is:

Raw garlic for dogs

Cooked garlic for cats. Raw garlic is toxic to cats.

Aloe Vera, tea tree oil can soothe your dogs skin if it gets irritated from a disease like mange or fleabites.

Oats added to your dogs bath water can give relief from allergies. It will stop your dogs itching and scratching.

With any treatment you use for your pets, just apply it correctly and your pet will be fine,

Natural home remedies are a great choice. I think one of the best benefits for treating your pets at home, especially cats, there is no car ride involved.

Of course natural cures are far less expensive then any product your would buy at your pet store or vets office.

You also save money from not having to pay for a vet office visit.

Learn about the different natural treatments that are available for your pets. You may be surprised at how easy they are and how well they work.

Our wonderful pets who give us so much joy day in and day out with their unconditional love only deserve the same from us.

Source by Anna O’Brien