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Animal lovers


Dogs are fun, loyal, easy to teach tricks to, eat a lot, come in tons of varieties, pant a lot and tend to be a happy chaps.

Cats are more quiet and peaceful, are basically all the same size, fun, delicate and they seem not to care whether you’re there or not. And we love them both!


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Getting Involved

Save an Animal

Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet is a big step — but we have a feeling you’re ready for it if you’re here. Before starting your search, get tips on choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, preparing your home for a furry family member, and even become a training expert before bringing your pet home.

MakING a Donation

If you can’t adopt, the idea of donating to a dog shelter might be a better option if you want to help. Find out what options are available in your community. If you aren’t familiar with the local shelters, look up your city on the Blue Cross for Pets website.

Fun Facts

Interesting facts about cats and dogs

Dog lovers outnumber cat lovers

People who say they love dogs outnumber cat-lovers by 6%, according to one USA study.


Dog lovers are friendlier and more extroverted in comparison to cat lovers. The latter are more independent.

Cats Smell With Their Mouths

Cats have a Jacobson’s organ which is a small scent gland located in the roof of the mouth. It senses chemical stimuli such as marks or pheromones.

Cats and Milk

Some cats, similar to people, can’t digest milk. Adult cats often can’t brak lactose in milk and even a small bowl of milk can cause diarrhoea. Stick to water!

Dog Kisses

Dog’s mouth is full of germs. Contrary to people dogs are more resistant to some bacteria like salmonella so be careful next time you allow your dog to lick your face.


Dogs are smarter than cats. In fact, they can learn even 250 words. Border Collie’s are the smartest and we even found a YouTube video to prove it 😉

Why we do this

About ADEW

We are a team of animal lovers who decided to share their love for animals and knowledge with the world. We are starting small but in the future we want to include more information on how you can help animals, not only cats and dogs. We will explore more fun facts about other animals and also share some best practices to care for them. Stay tuned!

Our thoughts


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We could not live without them!

Our Pets


Loves to play on the kitchen table and hide in cartboard boxes. Welcomes us home with a soft pur. How cute is that?!


Pooch was supposed to be a labrador but turned out to be a mix. We love him anyway!


The only name that suited him due to whote fur, being always cold (he wears a sweater!) and simply being cool.


Before you get a dog or a cat

Adopting VS Buying

Although rescuing a pet from a shelter is what people usually encourage you to do, we don’t want to get into a debate about what you should do instead of buying one. We understand arguments on both sites. Whether you’re going to buy a pet or rescue one that is your choice, however, we would only like to encourage you to do so from a certified breeder. This way you can be sure the pet that you are getting has been raised in the right conditions and animals well being is what we care for after all.

How to Find the Perfect Pet

Simple! There’s an app for that! I am not even joking. Many of us want a dog or a cat but what if we get tired of them? You can’t simply return them. It’s a big NO NO for any animal lover. So what’s the solution?

  • become a walker – show your face at the local shelter and try taking a dog or two for a walk. This will help you learn if you like to spend time with them;
  • borrow a dog! – if you’re ready for more, get yourself ‘BorrowMyDoggy app‘ which connects animal lovers who are looking for some help to look after their pets and those who would love to spend some time with a dog but maybe not full time yet.
Things to know

What to Consider Before Finding the Perfect Pet

For some people, a decision to get a pet is made on a whim. You’re here so, obviously, you’re not one of them. We want to thank you for being considerate and trying to understand whether you’re ready for the responsibility. To help you make this decision we have listed some basic questions that you should ask yourself before you decide to get a dog or a cat.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you allergic to fur?
You should find out if you are allergic to fur. If you’re just a bit allergic, being in constant contact with a pet can lead to asthma so better be safe than sorry.
How Much Does Adopting Cost?
Most of the time it’s free to adopt a cat or dog from a shelter however you may have to consider vaccinating your pet if this hasn’t been done already.
Adoption or fostering: what's the difference?

The main difference between fostering and adoption is that the former is temporary (unless you decide to adopt the pet that you’re fostering 🙂 We have seen this many times!). There are many dogs who need temporary home for either medical or stress reasons. You can find out more about fostering a pet at Bettersea organisation.

Cat and dog essentials

There’s a list of things you need to buy before you bring your new pet home. Check out those links that include all the things you should consider purchasing: